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If a major new decision, litigation trend or recall hits the news, your law firm needs to take advantage of this and capture attention while the subject is still fresh. However, this isn’t always easy. Organic search rankings can take several weeks – or more – to gain traction. By the time this happens, others have already benefited from the freshness of the opportunity by using paid search, and you have missed quite a few potential leads.

This is where PPC – Pay-per-click – advertising can provide your firm with the visibility boost you need. The concept is quite simple and can be turned on or off like a faucet. A basic breakdown of PPC is:

  • You bid money on specific keyword phrases that are relevant to the type of traffic you want.
  • Websites and related search queries display your ad.
  • You pay each time someone clicks the ad and visits your website.

Utilizing PPC to its Full Capability

Unfortunately, PPC is a bit more complicated than just publishing an ad. However, when used correctly, it can be a cost-effective way to expand your target audience in a short period. SEO for Growth can help your law firm create a PPC strategy that is efficient and helps you get the results you want.

Why should You Enlist Professional Help?

While some lawyers believe they can handle a PPC campaign on their own, this isn’t always an effective strategy. There are several reasons it is best to utilize the services of a professional:

  • PPC campaigns in the legal space are often complicated
  • Keywords in the legal space are usually expensive
  • The margin for error is small
  • Some keywords are completely non-profitable

Your law firm has to have a strategic approach to PPC ad campaigns if you want to achieve great results. For example, do you know whether or not it is even worth it to bid on the keywords you have chosen? Also, do you understand how to find a balance between profit and cost-per-click? Do you even know how to choose the best keywords for your campaign?

Our team at SEO for Growth does. PPC can become complicated fast, and if you want to avoid spending money on the wrong keywords, then you need to help.

PPC Services to Enhance Your Reach

PPC is an all-inclusive term that relates to several services and options. Some of these include:

  • AdWords: This is Google’s paid advertising platform. We work to help you utilize dynamic landing page and keyword targeting to help and keep your cost per click as low as possible.
  • Geo-targeting with AdWords Express: The physical location of your law firm is often a factor clients use to choose a lawyer.

At SEO for Growth, we know the most important thing for you is results. We don’t pad our services with false promises, filler or fluff. Our team takes a focused and personalized approach with every law firm we work with. As a result, you know the value of your PPC campaign and how we are always striving to help make it better.

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