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You may be an amazing attorney; however, if your website isn’t up to par, you may find your reach is limited. While it may seem strange, the moves you make in internet marketing are just as important to your success as what you do and achieve in the court room.

There is a reason for this – potential clients, regardless of if they are people searching for legal help or referrals – turn to the internet first. Unfortunately, many attorneys don’t realize this and, as a result, are missing out on quite a bit of business.

If you want to avoid the same mistake, you need to utilize the services offered by SEO for Growth. We understand what the components of a great legal website are. Some of the factors we keep in mind when creating your web presence are found here.

Basic Information about Your Law Firm

Who are you? Who can you help? What do you do? The website created for your law firm should answer each of these questions in just a few seconds of someone landing on it. If that information isn’t clear, then your visitors may click away to find another site before they fully understand your services.

Detailed Bios

There are far too many attorneys that post online bios that create online bios that resemble case reviews or resumes. While it isn’t a bad idea to highlight things such as your biggest trials and education, you also need to make sure you seem approachable to new clients. This is the best way to ensure they pick up the phone can call.

Introductory Advice and Information

An excellent way to “break the ice” is to provide some general information that shows off your expertise. If you hear the same question again and again from clients, you should think about addressing these issues on your website in a nonspecific way. Doing this allows new clients to read what you have posted and then contact you to discuss their particular situation.

Clear Call to Action

When developing a website, you have to tell visitors what you want them to do next. This means you need to have a clear call to action to call and discuss their legal needs or leave their contact information. We will ensure this information is included on each webpage. You never want to leave your visitors wondering what they should do next.

Website Design that Meets Your Client’s Needs

When you are having your law firm’s website designed you have to keep the factors here at the top of mind during every step of the design process. Failure to do this may create a website that looks nice, but that doesn’t get very good results. SEO for Growth understands how to create websites that meet your potential client’s needs and gets them to pick up the phone.

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