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Content marketing has overtaken the legal industry. While this isn’t a new concept, lawyers and legal marketers have just now begun to embrace storytelling as a tool for influencing everything from marketing and branding to PR and development.

However, a problem for many firms is where they should begin.

The answer to this is to create a law firm content strategy. SEO for Growth’s team of content strategists work with law firms to put all the pieces in place to create a quality and effective content marketing program. We can help identify your unique, branded voice, develop editorial calendars and style guides and create processes for building and managing your entire content ecosystem, which includes social media, websites, newsletters, blogs and more.

Content Writing Services for Your Law Firm

Creating quality content takes more than just choosing the right words. It requires the ability to successfully convey branded messages and concepts in a way that educations, informs and – most importantly – engages your audience. At SEO for Growth, we have a team of top thinkers in the industry with years of experience developing a wide array of content for the legal industry, including advertisements, social media profiles, white papers, blogs, attorney bios, e-blasts, web copy and more. Our top priority is to create content that helps to differentiate your law firm, and that helps to create deep connections with your current and potential clients.

Creating an Effective Content Plan for Your Law Firm

When you utilize the services offered by SEO for Growth, you will discover our team can help with your entire content strategy. Some of the specific things we can help you achieve include:

  • Development of a custom content strategy
  • Building and guiding the development of several content platforms
  • Writing custom branding and style guides
  • Creation of editorial calendars to help guide content development for each platform

However, our services don’t stop there. We continue with our content marketing efforts with the following services:

  • Repurpose, curate and write original content for the development of law firm blogs.
  • Development of positioning statements and messaging for your law firm.
  • Create copy for e-books, white papers, videos and other digital projects.

Creating a Content Plan that Gets Results

At SEO for Growth, we not only create the content you want and need for website success, but we also provide you with evidence of the success it generates. You don’t have to wonder if our efforts are effective. We provide reports and metrics that let you see the tangible results we are helping you achieve.

When it comes to content marketing, it isn’t just about what you say – but how you say it. We understand how to create content for your law firm that helps you get the results you want.

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