Off-Page SEO

When creating a website for your law firm you have to invest time and money into several things to be successful. One of these is off-page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO for Attorneys?

Off-page SEO is part of holistic search engine optimization services. This strategy is all about enhancing the digital authority of your firm. It focuses on factors outside of your website, including social media and links. Creating a quality off-page SEO strategy can help you successfully be easily found when someone searches for the services you offer.


The primary tactic used for improving off-page SEO is increasing the number of backlinks that point back to the website. Backlinks are hyperlinks that come from another website, leading visitors to you. Backlink success is measured by the quality of the link generated, not the number you have. For example, backlinks from the New York Times are much more valuable (SEO wise) than a link from a “mom and pop” blog.

A few tips that can help you build your backlink reputation include:

  • Make sure to provide valuable, informative and desirable content. This is a crucial element of both on- and off-page SEO.
  • Promote and share your content by using various social media platforms, such as Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Invite authorities and experts from outside of your firm to create guest blog posts for your website. These can be focused on areas of law you may not be as familiar with. This helps to attract guest audiences, while growing yours, too.

Social Media

This is a crucial part of off-site SEO, as well as a form of link building. You should understand that the majority of the links you generate from social media are considered “no follow” but this doesn’t mean they have absolutely no value.

A social media mention is gaining ground as a ranking factor, and with proper configuration, your social media profiles can also enhance your SEO.

Social Bookmarking

While this isn’t as popular as it once was, it is still a method that can help you get more traffic coming to your law firm’s website. You can find legal-related sites to promote your content and target and audience who wants to know what you offer and what you have to say.

Benefits Offered by Off-Page SEO

When you create an effective off-site SEO strategy, you can easily generate all of the following advantages for your law firm’s website:

  • Increase your rankings: Your website will rank higher in the SERPs, which leads to more traffic.
  • Increase PageRank: This a number from 0 to 10 that indicates the importance of your website, according to Google.
  • More exposure: When you achieve higher rankings, it also means more exposure. If your website ranks in the top position, it receives more links, more visits, and more social media mentions.

There is no question that off-page SEO is just as crucial as on-page SEO. If you want to create SEO campaigns that are successful, you have to invest in both of these. When considering link building, don’t just take the easiest path – you need to try and acquire links from harder to get places. The more challenging the link is, the more value that it offers.

Taking the time to learn about off-page SEO and how it can benefit your law firm can help you see why it is such an important part of your overall SEO strategy.

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