Reputation Management

Regardless of how powerful or well-known your law firm is, not everyone is going to have a perfect experience with your law firm. Unfortunately, a single negative review can cost you quite a bit of business. In the digital space, your reputation is everything. This means you need to have a firm grasp on your reputation and ensure it is monitored and managed at every turn.

The Effect of Negativity Bias

Negativity bias is a term used to describe the psychological phenomenon that humans have to easily recall unpleasant memories over positive ones.

Many law firms don’t realize that negativity bias is directly related to reputation management. Just like someone can remember an adverse event more easily than a good one, someone who has a bad experience with your firm is more likely to leave a negative review than someone who had a great experience is to leave you a positive one. This is one of the main reasons you need an effective strategy in place to assist with reputation management.

Effective Reputation Management Begins with You

Our team at SEO for Growth can help you recover your reputation; however, the fact remains – reputation management begins and ends with you and your entire team. We will work with your law firm to help you correct issues that are leading to negative reviews. We can also help you understand how to improve these areas to ensure additional negative reviews don’t pop up in the future.

Reputation Management is More than Just Google

Yes, Google is a source of negative reviews; however, several other reputation factors may be hurting your conversation rate. Some of these include:

  • Have you looked at your reviews on MerchantCircle? Yahoo? Manta? Yelp?
  • Are there negative reviews on any of your legal profiles?
  • Have you showcased your accolades?
  • Do you have high scores on various legal profiles, such as
  • Is your law firm peer-reviewed?

These are just a few examples of the resources that law firms have access to, but often don’t realize. If these areas are not being managed and monitored, it may be costing your law firm.

Is Your Law Firm Hurting because of a Negative Review?

There is no reason to let your reputation suffer due to a negative review. We offer superior reputation management services to meet the needs of your law firm. We can help ensure that you are viewed positively when current and potential clients search for you.

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