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While there is no question that we are definitely living in a “social age” there are still many law firms that have remained cautious and slow when it came to embracing the use of various social platforms. There are several reasons for this – the commitment to the billable hour, the fear of compromising client confidentiality and the uncertainty regarding the value of social media, has made many lawyers wary of committing to these platforms.

While these are all reasonable concerns, some law firms are overlooking the opportunity offered by social media and avoid it, rather than overcoming the challenges it presents. The law firms that manage to solve these concerns have discovered that social media provides a significant competitive advantage and the opportunity to connect with prospects or clients in new, effective ways.

At SEO for Growth we understand the importance and value offered when law firms embrace social media and how it can enhance and grow their business.

The ROI of Social Media

Being able to understand the tangible value of social media for a law firm is imperative. There are several ways to measure how successful a firm’s efforts are, which include:

  • The web traffic generated by social media sites
  • Ability to measure exposure gained by way of social media, i.e. number of followers, reach, etc.
  • Tracking how engaged your audience is on social media, i.e. likes, retweets, comments, etc.
  • Tracking leads from social media

Embrace Social Media without Compromising Client Confidentiality

A unique concern for attorneys when using social media is somehow violating a client’s privacy or appealing to give legal advice on social media. While it is never appropriate to discuss a particular legal question or case on social media, this doesn’t mean that lawyers can’t use the platforms to connect with people. You can use social media for sharing information that is important, such as new policies or laws, industry news, or happenings in your firm. Clients will appreciate this proactive approach and likely view your law firm as a go-to source.

Benefits of a Strong Social Presence for Law Firms

There are several benefits offered by creating a strong social presence for your law firm, which include:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish your firm as a though leader
  • Place your content in front of the right audience
  • Improve your SEO
  • Gain competitive intelligence

When you invest time and money into building your social media presence, it can help improve your ranking in the search engines. This can lead to more traffic and leads on your websites. A social media site that is especially helpful with this is Google +.

Social Media is Crucial for Firm Visibility Online

At SEO for Growth, we understand how important a strong presence is on social media. We can help develop a strategy to help you achieve the visibility you need to outrank the competition.

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